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About Me

Caroline Hodgson

Cyanotype Artist

Based in North Wales

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better."

                                         - Albert Einstein

My practice is rooted in the natural world and the rhythm of the seasons. I take inspiration from the tiniest leaf skeleton on the woodland floor to breathtaking mountain ranges. From a fragile seed head in the depth of winter, to the movement of a summer meadow. From sunlight glinting through the leaves to the wondrous first signs of Spring. 

By using the Victorian technique Cyanotype, I utilise one of photography’s earliest processes to produce fine art prints. The word Photography means “drawing with light”, and cyanotypes are the closest interpretation of this. 

Through my work, I aim to capture a fleeting moment of nature and make it timeless. To record the smallest intricate details of the natural world, or capture the movement and essence of landscape. To bring awareness that nature creates the most exquisite things, which can be found in the most unassuming places. Cyanotypes have an inherent elegance, and I try to represent nature with a poetic and ethereal quality using this ancient process. 

Creating Cyanotypes is an approach that requires patience and a respect for the elements of nature. Nature is not only my subject, but is an integral part of the outcome of the piece. Working in sunlight to process the prints, means that I have to let go of expectation and trust nature for the outcome. Creating a cyanotype is a unique collaboration between the sun, the elements and the natural world. It is an amalgamation of light, shadows, flora and chemistry , and is one of the purest ways of documenting nature in it’s truest form. 

As Van Gogh says “If you truly love nature,  you will find beauty everywhere”. 

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